Commissions and Payment of Commissions by Social Tuto

For the services performed by you during the term of this Agreement and for each completed referral registration that arrives through your link, the sole and exclusive commission to be paid by Social Tuto to you shall be as specified within the Ambassador program description as described on the Social Tuto website. The commission rate shall be subject to the program description which outlines the payment structure, percentages per person and minimum payouts with respect to any commission you will receive. This rate schedule and agreement shall not be construed to have established or implied an employer-employee relationship but is agreed upon by both parties as a convenient schedule of paying the Ambassador for the services provided herein this Agreement. Social Tuto reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make modifications to the program from time to time.

You shall not be entitled to any commission in the event that a sale is not completed, received after the termination of this Agreement, or not approved by Social Tuto. Commissions shall be paid to you via Paypal, except otherwise agreed and you shall be responsible for any incurring transaction charges.

You may be entitled to other bonuses and benefits in the event such bonuses and/or benefits have been sanctioned by Social Tuto. You shall be solely responsible for any and all due taxes and fees applicable to such compensation paid to you by Social Tuto.

As an Ambassador of Social Tuto, you shall be responsible for the payment of all income-based taxes relating to your earnings under this Agreement. In any event, where Social Tuto have to make such taxes paid on your behalf, you shall have to repay such amounts to Social Tuto.