Best Apps to Edit Your Instagram Photos

We’re all familiar with the power of photo editing. While photo editing is helpful, it doesn’t always feel accessible. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be an expert designer or content creator to put a special touch on your photos. In fact, you can make magic with your photos in a short amount of time. Check out these top five apps for you to edit your photos on Instagram! 

  1. Canva 

    Canva is one of the most user-friendly design tools on the market. With a click-and-drag interface and a variety of color palettes for you to choose from, Canva gives you access to premier design capabilities at a really low cost. We recommend Canva for anyone who has a general vision for their photos, videos, quotes or stories, but isn’t totally sure where they want to take it directionally. Canva will give you an extra boost! 

  2. VSCO 

    If you’re looking for an editing tool that lets you play with the colors and mood of your photos, VSCO might be your best option. This app has a wide variety of high-quality filters that can be used to change the overall vibe of your pictures. 

  3. Over 

    For those of you who have already established a brand identity and are prioritizing it for your social strategy, you may want to use Over. This platform comes with tricks, tips and templates to make your life easier — and to make your content strategy stand out more. Over has more than 1 million monthly active users and the company is continuing to grow and evolve, so you’re in good hands!

  4. Adobe Lightroom 

    The Adobe products aren’t known for being user-friendly or cheap, but they’ve been a go-to for designers and content creators for years. Why? Well, because they work. Adobe Lightroom is one of the easier ones to learn, and the capabilities are limitless. With Lightroom, you can tweak colors, saturation, texture and more. We recommend Lightroom for anyone with a background in design — or some time on their hands to learn the software! 

  5. A Color Story

    Isn’t that what Instagram is anyway — a color story? Jokes aside, the name really lives up to the impact it makes because A Color Story does a great job of bringing your story to life through visuals and colors. With A Color Story, you have more than 400 filters to choose from and more than 100 effects to use. Not sure you love it? The website has some tutorials that will give you a better idea of the app’s offerings. 

Ready, set, edit? We think so! While you’re on a mission to grow and scale your business on Instagram, it’s important you pay attention to the visual aspect. You may not have all the time in the world (you’re running a successful business, after all!), but a little help goes a long way. Give them a try and let us know which ones are your favorites! 

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