How to Achieve a Perfect Instagram Aesthetic in 2021, Trends and All

We can all admit that Instagram aesthetics have gone through their fair share of changes. From the first launch of the app to the stylized glamour shots, there’s really no set Instagram aesthetic… so far, that is. Now that we’re halfway through 2021, we can safely say that there’s a prevailing “look” on Instagram. Not sure how to make it happen? Read more! 

First of all, what’s the Instagram aesthetic? 

If you’re not in the branding or design world, you may wonder what folks mean when they talk about the Instagram aesthetic. The first thing to know is you’re not alone! Lots of brands are constantly evolving and iterating their strategy to get the perfect aesthetic, but the thing is: it’s always changing. From one year to another, from season to season, even from fashion show to fashion show — the world influences the Instagram aesthetic. 

Think of Instagram as a digital museum. It’s a collection of artistic expressions from different artists. That art is influenced by everything going on around it. So in a word, the Instagram aesthetic is the look and feel of your profile. Now, as we mentioned that aesthetics will change from time to time. For 2021, here are some of the top trends for Instagram aesthetics: 

  1. The real deal 

    Glasses, quirky smiles, candid shots and no filters. That’s the first ingredient in the recipe for 2021’s  Instagram grid. We’ve moved away from over-editorialized, “perfect” images and onto the ones that make us feel… well, real. 

    That being said, there’s a common misconception that “real” is unattractive and uncurated. That’s not true at all! Your grid can be whatever you want it to be — what matters most is that you’re staying on brand, curating content and working towards a strategy for your social platforms. 

  2. Think about your prospects

    Every business has prospects, whether they are clients, customers, app users or followers. 2021 has shown us a new movement on Instagram, where brands are treating their Instagram as their home page. Does that mean they’re nixing the home page altogether? Not necessarily, but brands are seeing a trend of prospective customers that find them via Instagram rather than the home page — meaning it’s important that their critical information is all over their ‘gram too. 

    While it’s always important to think about your followers and loyal customers, Instagram is also a player in the acquisition funnel. Be sure to look at your profile from both angles: that of a current customer and that of a prospective customer.

  3. Movement

    Just like we’re seeing a surge of no-edit photos, we’re also seeing a lot of images in motion. Movement inspires messaging and helps tell a story through the lens of a static image. To hop on the bandwagon, try staging your shoots so that there’s a comfortable way to get your talent to move with the camera. It’s a blend of candid and modeling that can really make an impact on your profile.

  4. Inclusivity and Diversity 

    Take a look at Instagram grids around you and you’ll see a range of looks — age, race, size, skin type, hair type, the list goes on. Companies are shifting away from the “perfect” models and using their platforms to show the human experience and to empower others to see the beauty of what it means to be a real person.

  5. Colors galore!

    Finally, 2021 is bringing us a whole new look at the color wheel. On Instagram, you have the option to coordinate your grid (9-12 photos at a time) by season or phase of life. We’re seeing more and more brands take advantage of the color segmentation, and you’ll notice a change in the color palette as you scroll through the grid. 

    2021 may be off to a rocky start, but there are many new trends on the horizon for Instagrammers out there. Need help? Get help from the experts!

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