How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram the Right Way

We’re going to take a bold stance. No matter who you are or what business you own, you probably would never complain about getting more followers on Instagram. The right ones, at least. 

Are we right? See, here’s the thing: More followers mean more awareness. And that typically means more business for you, which — of course — means more money. So yeah, more followers really is almost always a great thing. Now how to get them? That’s where things get a little tricky. The good news is you have us to help you out. Without further ado, here are some tips on how to grow your audience on Instagram

  1. Start with the right audience 

    No matter how many followers you may want, the top priority should always be the right followers. When you get the wrong followers, they’ll disappoint you at some point. They’ll either unfollow you quickly, spam you with comments, or never engage (therefore lowering your engagement rates). Start with the right audience by tailoring your message to your target audience and using Instagram analytics to track who’s engaging the most.

  2. Know your value props

    It’s important you start by knowing what you offer. What service or product can you provide that makes you stand out? Too many brands fall into the trap of overpromising without knowing value props. They want to be every brand and offer everything. In reality, it’s not possible. Stick to your offerings and make it clear what they are.

  3. Curate a relevant brand 

    Brand coincides with value props. Once you nail them down, create a brand that speaks to them. Is your messaging straightforward and formal? If so, your brand will be more simple. Or is it fun and conversational? In this case, you may have a more light, fun brand. Regardless, make sure it’s relevant and unique. Creating a brand takes time and effort — don’t skip out on this. It’s how your followers will identify you! 

  4. Collaborate with other brands 

    One way to get more exposure is to partner with companion brands. Keyword: Companion brands. You don’t want to team up with a brand that has nothing to do with yours. There should be some sort of tie between your two brands. Otherwise, you’re back to square 1 with the wrong followers. 

  5. Work with influencers 

    If you’re not excited about collaborating with other brands, you may consider working with an influencer or two. If you’re still in the growth phase of your company, it’s recommended you work with micro-influencers — those who have under 100,000 followers. For a relatively low cost, you can get more exposure to your brand every time they post on your behalf. Just make sure you pick an influencer in your industry so that the message is getting in front of your potential followers. 

  6. Ramp up the quantity

    Of course we care about quality, but when you’re trying to scale your business quantity is also really important. Pushing out a lot of content lets people know you’re serious about your business. Not to mention, it increases your chances of being found. 

    As you can see, there are several great (and not-so-great) ways to increase your following. The biggest takeaway: Try to seek out followers who really can benefit from your business. How you go about it is up to you — and that’s the fun part. Over time, you’ll evolve your strategy and hit your sweet spot. Good luck! 

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