Teacher and/or Creator Compliance with Privacy Requirements.

If and to the extent that Teacher and/or Creator obtains by any means any personal information regarding any Member or other user via the Site or Services or otherwise in the course of offering a Program or Content Submission, Teacher and/or Creator will hold such information strictly confidential and will not disclose such information to any third person without the express written permission of Social Tuto and will use such information only for the administration of the Program and/or Content Submission and in accordance with the express purposes contemplated by the Agreement and these Teacher and/or Creator Terms.  Personal information includes a Member’s or other user’s name, physical address, email address, or other personally identifiable information.  Teacher and/or Creator will comply with and will not circumvent any and all information security rules and guidelines specified by Social Tuto with respect to the personal information of Members, other Teachers, Creators and other users of the Site and Services.  Without limiting the foregoing, Teachers and/or Creators agrees that they shall not attempt to have Members or other users provide personal information to the Teacher or Creator that is in addition to the information otherwise provided to the Teacher and/or Creator via the proper functionality and features of the Site and Services.