Teacher and/or Creator Responsibilities for Programs and Content Creation and Materials; Technical Requirements.

Teacher and/or Creator understands and agrees that Teacher and/or Creator must procure at Teacher’s and/or Creator’s sole risk, cost and expense any and all equipment and materials (e.g., cell phone, computer(s), office space, office supplies, internet connections, webcams, microphones, expertise, etc.) and all information, data, works of authorship or other materials delivered in text, photographic, audio, visual or audiovisual format (“Content Submissions and/or Program Content”) that is reasonably required for Teacher and/or Creator to access and use the Services and to produce and/or post his or her Programs.  Without limiting the foregoing, Teacher and/or Creator must provide all software and hardware that is not otherwise made available via the Site and Services and Social Tuto makes no representation or warranty as to what functionalities may be available to support Teacher and/or Creator and Programs on the Service.  Teacher and/or Creator also understands that Teacher and/or Creator may be required to register for, purchase and use third party services, products and technology, such as YouTube Unlisted or Vimeo, in order to offer Programs on the Site and Service, all at Teacher’s and/or Creator’s own risk and expense.  Teacher and/or Creator understands that additional terms, conditions and fees may apply to Teacher’s and/or Creator’s use of such third party services and Teacher and/or Creator shall be solely responsible for compliance with all third party requirements. Teacher and/or Creator will be responsible for providing all Program Content in a format that can be hosted and streamed via the Site and Services in accordance with the technical specifications provided to Teacher and/or Creator by Social Tuto from time to time.