Third Party Teachers; Program Content.

The Site and Services primarily provide users with access to certain content and services related to social media education, inspiration, influencing, business and marketing strategies, guides and information related to social media and/or business development, webinars, podcasts, tutorials, social media tools and content creation (collectively, “Programs”), which may include, without limitation:  (a) live streaming media (e.g., webcasts and groupcasts) and on-demand streaming media; (b) downloadable audio and video courses (e.g., podcasts and webinars); (c) downloadable presentation and other materials (e.g., guides, images, graphics and templates); (d) downloadable publications; (e) blogs; and/or (f) transcripts (such content and services also part of the “Services”).  Such Programs are designed and provided by third parties that are referred to herein as “Teachers”.   Teachers are not employees or agents of Social Tuto.  Instead, Teachers are users that apply to become eligible as Teachers and make available Programs via the Services.  Social Tuto provides various tools and services to allow Teachers to make available their independently developed Programs via the Site and Services as well as to allow Teachers to interact with participants, and Social Tuto in turn provides Teachers with compensation for such Programs and/or interactions as described in the Teacher Terms.  Notwithstanding the description of Social Tuto’s relationship with Teachers described in this Agreement, Social Tuto reserves the right to change such relationship and/or to have different relationships with different Teachers as Social Tuto may determine in its sole discretion, all without giving notice to users.  If the relationship between Social Tuto and Teachers described herein is prohibited by applicable laws in any user’s jurisdiction of residence then such user may not be eligible to participate as a Teacher.

While we make efforts to maintain the quality of our Teachers and the Programs that they make available via the Site and Services, we do not direct or control the day to day activities of the Teachers on the Site and/or Services and we thus disclaim any and all responsibility and liability for the actions and activities of Teachers and the content and services provided by them via the Site and the Services, including any interactions or communications they may have with users of the Site or Services.  Under no circumstances will the Social Tuto Entities be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on any Program or related communications, information or materials provided by Teachers, or for your interactions with Teachers.  The opinions expressed by Teachers reflect solely the opinions of the individuals who submit or express such opinions, and may not reflect the opinions of Social Tuto. Further, when you interact directly with a Teacher or other users, you must be careful about the types of personal information that you share. While the Teacher Terms restrict the use of any personal information collected by Teachers, we do not control what Teachers or other users do with the information they obtain from other users on the Site or Services and Social Tuto will not be responsible to any user for the acts or omissions of any Teacher or other user, even if such act or omission is in violation of these Terms.